My latest work

Full CMS project

Type : full cms site building

Category: asp.net mssql c# CMS

Tools:VS2005 MSSQL2005 WinServer2003

In this project , The work I did is help to improve the design of the site and then sliced the psds into valid cross-browsers css xhtml.For the server side, I designed the DateBase (mssql 2005) and code the asp.net 2.0 (C#) ,finnaly integrated the font-end design with the c# codes, config the server (win2003) and make sure the program run correctly on the server.The essence of this project is the seo and muti-languages function : Via the backend you can add lanuages you want and create the language content for each page;you also can customize title, key, description of each page.

php work

Type : php site

Category: php filemaker payment gateway

Tools:apache filemaker WinServer2003

This is upgrade site project.The client provide me with the psd design,I sliced the psd to cross-browsers html pages and integrate the new design to the site; also add some forms to the front public pages.

For the backend ,i add the whole backend admin panel to help the client to manage the whole site .Otherwise i add the Authorize.net API to echecking payment gateway , fix the bugs of the old codes.

Magento work

Type : Magento template

Category:magento css html template

Tools:VS2005 Editplus

I got the html template from the client , It’s only a home page ,so the work is convert this html template to magento template , also add the new design header and footer the other page , adjust the css to make sure the all pages suit the new design .

Also install onestepcheckout plugin for this site ,customize the sub-categories display with images list , also do some other config and customize work.

wordpress Project

Type : wordpress theme

Category: css html wordpress template plugin

Tools: apache editplus

This is a convert the exist site to wordpress project.I get all the images and design from the current site , then optimize the html and removded the mass codes , convert the big images to small one .Make the code more clearn and optimized.

Convert the html to the wordpress theme , install the related plugins make the wordpress theme work correctly on the server. Also add some old site content to the new wordpress site to test.All done perfect .

Website Baker Project

Type : Website Baker template

Category: css html jquery template

Tools:VS2005 photoshop apache editplus

This project is one of my psd to Website Baker template work. the client provide me the psds with description how he want to convert to template. In the template , the client need a content silder with jquery , also cross-browsers layout.

Two templates needed : one for home page another one for subpages, sometimes may a need gallery page So need convert the psds to 3 WB template .At last , help the client to install those templates and add test conent to test.


Type : psd2html

Category:photoshop css html w3c valid

Tools:VS2005 Editplus

One of my psd2html project.Client provide me the PSD and i sliced to w3c valid html.Use xhtml1-transitional dtd and 100% hand-coded.

It’s Cross Browsers and tested in all browers, such as IE6,IE7, Firefox 2,3 , Google chrome, opera and Safari.Coding is uniform , friendly and SEO optimized,that’s means you can easy to customize it when you need. It’s a small project but if client find any bugs,I will fix it for free at anytime even after the payment.